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Seminarr on Vastu Shashtra and Numerology

Discover the Secrets of Vastu Shastra and Numerology! Join us for a FREE Informative Seminar

Unlock the power of Vastu Shastra and Numerology to enhance your life and create positive energies.

Seminar Details:

  • Topic: Vastu Shastra and Numerology
  • Duration: 3 hours

Seminar Highlights:

  • Introduction to Vastu Shastra and its significance
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Numerology
  • Exploring the synergy between Vastu Shastra and Numerology
  • Practical tips for applying Vastu Shastra principles in your home or workplace
  • Insights into the power of Numerology and its influence on your life
  • Q&A session to address your specific queries

Who should attend?

  • Individuals interested in creating harmonious living spaces
  • Seekers of self-knowledge and personal growth
  • Professionals in counseling, coaching, or holistic practices
  • Anyone curious about Vastu Shastra and Numerology

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Admission: FREE

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