[ Advance Workshop ]

Three-Days Course for Vastushastra

Take Your Vastu Shastra Skills to the Next Level! Join us for an In-Depth Three-Day Advanced Course

Deepen your understanding of Vastu Shastra and master the art of creating harmonious and prosperous living spaces.

Course Details:

  • Course: Advanced Vastu Shastra
  • Duration: 3 Days (Friday to Sunday)
  • Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Dates: [Insert Dates]
  • Venue: [Insert Venue]

Course Highlights:
Day 1: Advanced Principles and Techniques

  • Advanced concepts of Vastu Shastra
  • In-depth analysis of energy flow within spaces
  • Advanced calculations and interpretations
  • Advanced remedies for specific challenges
  • Case studies and practical applications

Day 2: Advanced Space Analysis

  • Complex floor plan analysis
  • Architectural designs and their Vastu implications
  • Evaluating energy grids and their impact
  • Identifying and rectifying energetic imbalances
  • Enhancing spaces for specific purposes

Day 3: Advanced Applications and Consultations

  • Advanced techniques for enhancing health, wealth, and relationships
  • Advanced remedies for common Vastu challenges
  • Personalized consultations and Q&A sessions
  • Professional considerations and ethics in Vastu consulting
  • Business applications and Vastu for commercial spaces

Prerequisites: To fully benefit from the advanced course, participants should have:

  • Strong foundational knowledge of Vastu Shastra principles
  • Familiarity with key elements and calculations

Who should attend?

  • Experienced Vastu practitioners seeking to enhance their expertise
  • Architects and interior designers specializing in Vastu-compliant designs
  • Vastu consultants and professionals in the holistic field
  • Individuals with a deep interest in advanced Vastu Shastra applications

Registration: Limited seats available! To secure your spot, contact us at:

+91 9824672072
+91 9979955933